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Hands On Quiz (coz)

Last Edited: 09-21-2021

  1. Polonium
  2. - This element is a rare, radioactive metalloid that occurs naturally, you are less likely to encounter this in person unless you work at a nuclear facility.
  3. Mercury
  4. - This is a toxic metal thats dense enough that it can be absorbed into your body through your unbroken skin, the liquid element has a high vapor pressure, so even if you don't touch it, you can absorb through inhalation
  5. Arsenic
  6. - this thing has been known to man since the middle ages, in fact, people have been poisoning themselves with this, during victorian times, It was a poisoner's obvious choice, however , people were also exposed to it as it was used in paints and wallpaper.

    - Arsenic disrupts ATP production (the molecule your cells need for energy) and causes cancer. Low doses, which may have a cumulative effect, cause nausea, bleeding, vomiting, and diarrhea. A large dose causes death, however, it's a slow and painful demise that usually takes hours.
  7. Francium
  8. - this thing is highly radioactive, though it is scarce since there's only 1 ounce of this in the earth's crust, but we still need to be careful.
    - this thing has a half life of 22 minutes, so short
  9. Lead
  10. - this is a metal that replaces all the metals in your body (iron, calcium, zinc, etc.), stuff that you need to function like a human being, exposure to lead will kill you, unless you're somewhat invincible enough to survive.
    - but even if that's the case, you'll still have lead inside you.