My Morning Routine

What do i do in my morning routine?

Answer: I wake up every 5 am just to get my morning milk/coffee to wake me up then immediately go to the bathroom, take a bath, then head to my room to change to my school attire, it depends on the day on what kind of shorts I wear (i know its useless information but its part of my routine).

then i eat breakfast and head to the Rizal Google meet for morning routine, attendance and then stay there for the next class

during my next class, i always stick around, ask questions and type some notes only to give them away for my classmates and I so they have a file to refer on for exams (yes im that helpful), but i still learn alot during class hours

Ok so how do you manage your time?

Answer: ok, i'll be very honest, uhm, it really depends on how i manage it, there are times where i know what time ill do my activities and other stuff (like now) and times where i just.. boom, no motivation to work on it and just wait till deadline is very near, but if you really want to know HOW I manage it, i just check my gclassroom and finish every single activity that has a deadline, whatever the deadline is, im working on it (even though sometimes i end up late coz im concentrating on another activity), so yeah

Side note: still tryna fix the color of this site haha, **scared** sorry cher ;-;