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about the power thing.. ahah...

Last Edited: 11-15-2020

Soo.. uhm... i promised you guys that i will explain the power thing... and here i am, going to tell you the story about my suffering, from the candles,powerbanks and the pain of trying to sleep to the tremendous heat that i have to go through every single day

It started in November 11 2020, it was 12 am in the morning and Typhoon Ulysses has crashed into our regoin, the rain was so heavy but it didn't cause a flood because we were living in a high location (probably a hill or a mountain, i'd never know), when 4 am hit, i had to charge my phone and it wont charge, i panicked, thinking that my phone's charging port died but i was wrong, i realized that its hot so i got up from my bed and looked at the aircon, it was closed, i knew we we're experiencing a brownout so i immediately called my buddies from the other room and told me there is a power interruption so i decided to go back to sleep without charging my phone.

when i woke up, i went downstairs to eat breakfast, then i asked my other buddy about the electricity and she said that the storm killed the transformer i think and she'll report it to our electricity provider

after that, i spent the whole day reading books and playing GD to calm my mind, there's nothing much to do and that made me unhappy, we also played board games to pass time and it was fun, the electricity didnt return in the evening so i decided to sleep at the living room (only to be greeted with the heat) so i transferred to my room and slept there

the rest of the 2 days were spent on reading books (mainly finishing narnia) and doing weird stuff like talking to my cactus or taking a stroll around town using a car, electricity came back after at the 3rd day and we were celebrating (that 3rd day was yesterday)

so there you have it folks, the short story of my 3 days in hell, sleeping was a nightmare and i had to change alot, the air is humid and that made us have a hard time staying cool

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a good and safe day :D