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What the heck is the deal with these corrupt leaders?!

Last Modification: 09-3-2020

So I have been checking the news lately, while corona is rambling around the country, I am stuck at home, nothing to do but study, sleep, code etc.

And then, The Philhealth controversy has appeared right infront of my eyes! Goodness! I wanted it to end but because life is a messy and complicated place, I dont think it will answer our demands

Most likely you have no idea what I am talking about..
Well let me elaborate then

There is a recent controversy about The highest officials of "Philhealth" are stealing assets and are lying about some certain something, these officials are one example of the so called "Corrupt leaders"

Now the question is, Why is this happening?
Well... I have no idea why, maybe because of something that the government is suspecting, in the end those most of them are being tracked down and some of the officials are already kicked out of the position and are replaced with new, responsible officers for philhealth, I am surprised about how much the stolen assets cost and Its about hundred billion pesos!, If you are a math wizard, you can convert it to US dollars and you will be very suprised

At this point, I am starting to realize that the philippines is filled alot of evil leaders, some of them promote war, others steal money from an organization associated with the philppine government and well... others are willing to be literal dictators in order to corrupt our country even more

It maybe harsh to say this to my own country, you guys might even think that I hate my country, In reality, I dont because I love my country and its culture, sadly not all countries are perfect, and ours have too many flaws and its all about the leaders being.. not themselves

The true purpose of a leader is to help the community grow and also help the its supporters, A leader doesnt steal, promote war or become literal dictators just like what President Ferdinand Marcos did!

Sadly the leaders and officials of the phillippines the opposite.. I wanted the corrupt leaders to just go away and continue promoting peace but.. i dont think it will happen anyway, we are still in revolution, nothing changed since the 1890's, its sad but thats the reality of my country :(

Lets just hope this crisis will finally :) and Stay safe !