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Damian's Revenge

Last Modified: 9-10-2020

soo.. I played as imposter in Among us today because I have so much free time on my hands, Its Thursday and this will also be the part 2 of my Typical Thursday series, This might be a very long blog post but I assure you that what you are going to read is gonna be very interesting!

It started at approximately 2:30 pm when I asked the Among us GC if anyone is free, in the middle of watching Heneral luna... but I didnt care because I am planning to watch it on sunday with my brother on our smart box so.. I dont need to rush on watching the movie anyway

At first.. well... check the "when 2020 joins the game" blog post to know more about it, I seperated it from this because its not related to the topic we are going to talk about in this beloved blog post, I really hope you understand (even if you are lazy)

lets skip to 4:00 pm PST, Here are the characters of the story:
Dey aka Blue person
Shinobu aka Purple person
Sir Damian aka me/green person
Roach aka brown person
DarkLegend aka red person
Mr Corneto aka orange person
Onii Chan aka the other orange
iz me aka pink/white person

the first two gameplays are at the other blog post i mentioned, here we will be talking about the 3rd and 4th gameplays to the 3rd gameplay!

3rd gameplay:
This is where Shinobu (purple boi) joins, nothing much happened at this time XD

4th gameplay:
this is the part where I am the imposter and shes one of the crewmates, I first acted that I can be trusted but it failed so I decided to use the vent and start my murder spree, I first killed Shinobu then I went for Onii Chan and iz me, after that, I went to the cafeteria where I found Mr Corneto and B5 trolls, I first thought of killing B5 but for some reason he keeps resisting so I went for Corento who seemed to be working on a task, so I took my bet and won the game

Thats all what I have to say, Stay safe and follow quarantine rules :)