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I almost lost my files

Last Modification: 09-3-2020

So.. The day when I moved from Void linux to Freebsd, I left my beloved files in my old hard drive (so that I dont have to install a new system on the same drive) Hours after I installed the system, I went to work on the system, getting used to the filesystem it has and getting familiar with the commands like "doas, pkg install" and because of my laziness, I didnt get to move on working my bspwm

But what I didnt know is that the hard drive actually died after it was booted out of the computer..

From what i can call, it was exactly 6 hours after I booted the old hard drive and switched it with a new one

So when I finally decided to make Freebsd my new and final main system to work on (since i have been hopping on different distros alot) I felt so relaxed because this is going to be the final time i'll be switching my system

Yet when me and brother booted the old hard drive, we cant boot void linux up!, I panicked because my files are in there, my games, my configs, my scripts and my family's old digital pictures!, but my brother calmed me down when he said that there is still a chance on getting the files back

And... thats to BUY a hard drive enclosure..

I secretly facepalmed my self. "Now I to force mom to buy the enclosure to save my files!"

If you dont know, I hate spending someone's money for something that I can just save for a few months, but because the files cant just stay there forever, I had to if I dont want the corrupted

So I asked my mom and she said "yes ill buy for your files"
I was so happy, I still have a chance to get those files back

Dont worry now, I got my files back and they're doing great :D

Thank you for staying to read this long blog post! Stay safe :)