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My thoughts and doubts about freebsd

Last Modified: 09-02-2020

So..I was just chilling my good old Void Linux rice that hasnt been updated for 2 months, still using the same window manager (Which is Bspwm) and I still like using it (the window manager)

But one day, my brother came up to me, and he told me that i should switch to freebsd because its more easier to manage, He also told me to go check out the Freebsd Website and I humbly agreed and read the web's contents.

Then it came the day i decided to install it, after I installed the system, nothing much happened, just a black screen whatsoever, everytime i install bspwm, it just looks like some black screen XD

So now... What the heck is your thoughts after installing the system?

Well.. My initial thoughts of this system wasnt good at first because of how kinda different the file system freebsd has compared to other linux distros like Void, eventually tho, I came to easily get used to the system's filesystem and the commands are really easy to manage, i also like the fact that I can activate linux programs like polybar, bspwm etc. Surely I am enjoying my time here!

But if you are ever wondering If i have any doubts, well its just the boot installation that I am very worried at.

Thats all what i can say, I hope you enjoy reading this blog, Stay safe and follow quarantine rules !