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First blog post of the Typical Thursday series

Last Modification: 09-3-2020

Today is thursday. September 3, 2020 and as of writing this website, its 9:50 pm (PST) here in my country, I am just chilling around, making updates for this site and have a literal good time haha!

You must be wondering, why are you writing a blog post about Thursday if there is nothing special with it?

The answer to that question is simple:
because Thursday is the only day of my online life that is Half-day.
And thanks to that, It gave me time to do this website and even rest my brain from all the modules, HW's, SW's and quizzes that online school is throwing at me, It just feels like Thursday is a free weekend and I should always enjoy it.. because it comes in every week and if you are very impatient.. its your problem

Today, Ill be explaining to you guys what this "typical thursday" series is going to talk about/ stories that its going to feature in future blogs since you guys have no idea what this thing is for anyway

So.. What exactly is the Typical Thursday Series' and why did you make this come to life

The Typical Thursday Series is.. a complilation on blogs where they are only released on a THURSDAY, it could be any date as long as the day is a THURSDAY, the amount of "parts" the series will have are going to be measured through seasons, each season has 4 parts and 1 part explains what happened on that specific thursday in detail or not

But wait.. why four parts for season if you can have 10 or 20 parts?
well thats because... in order to keep everything organized and properly labeled without you getting confused what month this blog was specifically created, I cant just update the website every thursday, and sometimes, the stories/blogs that i tell happened a few weeks ago or even last month-

and having four parts instead of 20-30 parts per season is better and it lowers me stress levels since i dont have to worry about this website and its blogs all the time

So thats what i have to cover for the "What" question
time to proceed to why I made this thing

well... The reason why I am doing this is that... I am bored and I want to add more content to my blogsite- thats all.

Seemingly I covered enough questions about this Series, must you have more questions, you can email me and I will try to answer them right away (as long as I am logged in into my main gmail account)

Thank you for stopping by and read, I hope you stay safe during this crisis