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Happy new year, im back!

Last Edited: 1-15-2021

sooo... I'm back after taking a long christmas vacation without telling you... i think i should confess this weird habit of mine..

you see... I have trouble getting my motivation back during the final month of the jumanji year, I wanted to make a blog post but my motivation is needed if I wanna make a post like this, sometimes, I have the motivation but I dont know anything to post, posting more this year might be in my new year's resolution, since it'll be hard for me to keep in touch with my site

I am not saying that I hate web design and I was just forced to make a site cause of some "school project or something", I wanted to make a blog site for soo long and yet, I am really inconsistent with posting...


Its really hard for me to be consistent with adding new content in this site, I wish I were but I'm just not...

Soo... I hope you forgive me ;-; I hope you guys feel happy that I finally confessed about my problems with consistent posting, since my schedule is kinda packed this week, I WILL ONLY POST IF I AM IN THE MOOD so.. if you wanna be in touch with my posts all the time, you better hope that I make a post today or tomorrow xD

before I end writing this new year's blog post, I wanna tell you a few things that happened during my break, one is that I got a desk organizer and a mechanical keyboard for christmas (thanks Adalyn and Big brother) and two is that I switched to a new system (which i'll explain in another blog post coming soon)

soo... Thats all what I have to say... I hope you have a good day out there, stay safe and kick the idiotic people that want to kill your positivity!