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I found a Band and I love its songs!

Last Modification: 09-02-2020

I have been going around my playlists lately and I just remembered a band that my brother suggested me to listen to, its called "Animal Collective" and when i first heard the album he told me to listen, I was very impressed!, who knows why I love it, the music is easy to get stuck on my freaking head, sometimes I would play the album over and over again nonstop and I still havent had enough with it

Because of school, I dont get to roam around Deezer alot, mostly I roam around at weekends and thats just 2 days of having rest, sometimes I wouldnt roam around Deezer at all because.... I would often sacrifice my entire weekend for a single project which deadline is in 2-3 weeks.. yes I am that concerned at my school work.

Now I have alot of free time (besides of using a piece of it for reviewing), I can now roam around deezer and downloaded my favorite experimental music album, I am having a blast at this point haha!

Thats what I can say for now, I hope you guys stay safe :)!