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Sorry about not posting..

Last Modified:10-8-2020

YO GUYS!! I'll be answering some questions just incase if you needed an answer for all of them ; -; btw its so good to finally return from my long break

Question I: Why didn't you told us that you were gonna take a break?

Answer: I actually forgot to notify all you guys, I didn't even noticed that because I was so busy reviewing for my exams that I forgot to update my blog site, I kinda regret doing so.. please forgive me ; -;

Question II: Are you still gonna post awesome blog posts??

Answer: OF COURSE I WILL!!, I have alot of stories to tell of you guys :D

Question III (FINAL): Was your break really a "break"

Answer: Surprisingly.. No its not really a break, I spent the entire 1-2 weeks reviewing for the final exams of the 1st semester, I hate to review but if I wanna survive, then I have to

I just wish I added a comment section.. but thats fine, I hope that answered your questions, If you have more, email me and i might be able to answer them :D (expect that I wont answer quickly and might take me 3-6 weeks before i even answer your precious email! I hope you guys are safe!