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my opinion about tiktok

Last Modified: 10-18-2020

Yo Guys!, As what you read from the title of this blog, I will discuss around TikTok and my opinion about it.

Please do not take this vigorously, I do hate starting a drama so please! It will be my fault if one will start because this..

so... I always asked myself this back then, why is TikTok famous if its just an APP where you make videos of yourself and watch it get on the trending page or some sort.

I also realized that most of my favorite songs are getting exposed to this... "supposed video recording" world, even the trending ones, as if they're all getting spoiled to the younger generation

There are more things that I thought about deeply, like "Why are kids getting exposed to fame?" or "Is china using the information in order to spread communism?"

But i didn't care about that, I joined the "trend" anyway (Note that this was all back then... i think it was late 2019 when i did) I didn't care about the consequences that i'll get in exchange for my privacy or how I'm just corrupting my mind and destroying my imagination

and here we are now... I'm now against TikTok and its actions, As someone who uses open source to survive, I can 100% guarantee that this APPLICATION is damaging the future generation's privacy, one day, they'll become so addicted to fame that even they dont realize that their becoming what they've feared..

I went through this before, you may or may not relate to this but It was painful, its like being chained to a heavy ball, unable to escape from my own decisions..

soo my opinion about this thing is just... all hate, I hate TikTok, its ok to like something that others hate but eventually you'll realize how much time of this such APP is wasted.. you guys don't realize but one day you'll understand what I'm saying deeply..

"You never realize how much time you are wasting right now, doing something that isn't productive, don't waste your oppurtunities right now because you'll never be able to get it back" -Me (King Aslan) I hope you understand :)