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Redshift is awesome!!

Last Modification: 9-6-2020

today, I watched some news today and i am very irrated about the "2 hours" news that our government annouced, just because its that short and the rest is offline classes makes me wanna complain, since there are programs which main purpose is to make sure your eyes wont freaking hurt and the purpose of online classes is that the students get to see the teachers face to face

soo.. what does redshift have to do with you complaining about the 2 hour thing?

Redshift is a program that kinda acts like xbacklight, it lowers down the backlight's brightness and there are more things you can actually do with it, its all in the manual so i recommend you reading it :)

Its been long since i tried something that lowers the backlight, and that was during those days when I was using closed-software and I dont even know what it does..

I tried it and was great!, thanks to the manual, I learned how to set the longitude and the latitude for redshift (for some automatic purposes that i dont even wanna tell you XD) if you are a linux/bsd user, you should try if you dont want your eyes to die :)