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Last Edited: 11-14-2020

I'm truly sorry about not being online, again ahah, we had a power interruption for 3 straight days, that kinda irritated me hehe (that thing will be for another blog)

now, you must be asking, why are you saying this blog is a "reminder"? well, there's a certain issue that i faced for the past few days after I posted my last "serious" blog about Tiktok, if you read it..


I clearly said to not take it seriously and i dont want to start drama just because i said my opinion on my site, there are certain things that i wanted to address just in case if someone bashes me hard on the wall as if I'm an egg.

to note, the first thing you need to know is that you atleast need to respect my opinion, don't go bashing me in my social media accounts and say that I'm in the wrong, I am fully aware about that in your perspective, if you do understand and even relate (you probably wont) then good, keep it up and if you cant or 100% disagree with me, please think twice before getting mad at me and telling me about the millions of teenagers, pre-teens and adults that are bored (in honesty, there are more ways to show your talents that just make one for entertainment) I am aware and im against it (let me because its my opinion and i won't convince you to agree with me, your decisions, your path.)

and second(lastly) as i am writing this blog, i want you to be noted that this is my blog site, its not yours and you dont have the right to say/keep my opinion to myself, let me, and I wont interfere with you anyway, i created this site to share my thoughts, not be bashed.

next time, before you go rampaging, please think twice, think deeply unless you're someone who just doesn't think (I'm truly sorry if I offended you), being bashed in my personal messenger account (because of what i said in my blogsite) is not good and is something that I should address so that it doesnt happen again!

Thank you for reading this post and i hope you have a wonderful day :)