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some random discussion

Last Modification: 9-2-2020

I dont know with me but I just wanna talk about some random topic about spoiled brats, its weird but my friends discussed for some reason and to be honest, its a serious discussion, a very serious one!

Basically, someone posted some person's biography from roblox that has horrible grammar that even I cant understand, I barely understood what it means thanks to the bad grammar but good thing one of my friends fixed it

after reading the fixed version of the biography, I was suprised some young child actually said the bad word and got away with it. luckily the bad word is spelled wrong I am sure that this child could be 5-7 years old, I am very concerned

If you are child viewing this site, please dont say bad/cuss words, Its not cool and could be very disrespectful! Always respect everything around you :)

Goodbye and stay safe