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Soo.. uhmm...

Last Edited: 1-16-2021

Soo.. my best friend posted a video about Family Game night... and I have alot to say!

Truly, The video just sums all of us, I am the mature one in the group and pretty much, I am also a peacekeeper and does anything to keep peace around.

except.. me being able to successfully keep the peace around is NEVER gonna happen-

Nevertheless, I still try my best, anyways back to the topic, I have a few interesting reactions (which are not interesting anyway xD), wait, Imma just list them for you

  1. I laughed
  2. Numb

If I say a few, I really mean it, since it was posted a few hours ago, I can call it recent, but still, It really is a good and relatable video :D

Link of the video:

Thank you for reading this post, every minute is me losing my motivation T - T